visual identity
customer journey map

My client is starting her own hair salon. She needed a new branding and visual identity. The vision of THE COCO CLUB is a new feel-good experience in the in the heart of Zurich.
Demanding customers should experience a new hairdressing experience and feel like they are at home.
A visit to THE COCO CLUB brings not only a new new look, but also a new feeling.

Time: Oct 2022
Goal: The goal was a minimalistic letter logo and a website

01 Starting the branding process - Building a brand

We started with strategy and defined the brand and it’s target audience. Since we were talking about a new company we started by defining the brand attributes and created a brand statement. Regarding the users I was happy to find out that the team has already been talking to their target audience and had a lot of insight so it was only a matter of consolidating the findings to form a user persona. Both of these documents guided our decisions during the rest of the project.

02 Research

The definition of user-centered quality goals as well as preparatory desk research helped me to plan the interview sensibly and to estimate the effort.

Research goals
  • Determine what features people want on a hairstylist website
  • Get a feel for what people’s tastes are in hairstyles
  • Find out how much consumers are willing to pay.
  • Understand the concurrence through market research.
  • Find out what motivates people to go to this specifiy hairstylist.
  • Determine what will motivate people to book online
  • Gender
    4 females
  • Race
    All caucasian
  • Age
  • Employment
    All full-time employed
  • Marital Status
    2 single
    2 married
Most are long-time clients
Quality of pictures was of high importance for choosing a hairstylist
They are al full-time-employed so they want to have the possibility to check for an appointment in a easy and effective way
They don’t buy online hairstylist products
They are all interested in Fashion & Lifestyle
They like the luxury lifestyle
Most of them are jetsetters

Persona & Customer Journey map


There is one main task flow. When you get to the homepage, you can directly book the appointment.


I wanted the website to be really minimalistic and clean. The client wish was it should show the same feeling as in the salon. In the salon are the main colors black, white, grey and beige.


The logo that I created should show only the name of the brand. The focus is in its simplicity.
After the logo was complete I proceeded with designing the final landing page and user interface for desktop, tablet and mobile.

03 Usability Testing

10 total test subjects
- 4 in person (2 female, 2 male)

Test Objectives
Determine the ease at which users can navigate through the website to accomplish their task, which will be to book an appointment.
Observe the path in which they took to get through to the booking screen
Test the overall ease of use of navigating
Observe any frustrations or obstacles users may have that may impede their ability to complete their task.

Test Summary
In Person/Remote Testing
- Users completed the task in under 5 minutes.
- High marks for ease of use.

04 Affinity maps

The affinity map activity gave way to some patterns and suggestions from the usability testing.

05 Next steps

My next steps would be to do another round of user testing with the changes I've implemented. After that, I'd do another round of affinity mapping and synthesizing of that data. I'd iterate until the flow was as smooth as it could be. Then I would package it all up and start develop the website.